Renewable Energy

I wrote the lion's share of the copy on the  Tri-Global Energy website  and in the process developed the company's positioning as "a leading renewable energy developer." The environment pages are ones I'm particularly  proud of.



I wrote and developed the entire website for Omega TeleServe to help them reposition the company as it moved from a pure telco reseller to a provider of the newly emerging SD-WAN technology.  At the time I was serving as the CMO for the company.

Local Food

I was the founder and editor of, which was the first directory/newsletter devoted to local food. Here is an article I wrote for the site. I have not been active with the site for the past three years.

...And a Whole Lot More

In a career that spans some 50 years, I have worked as a journalist, a public relations practitioner and a marketer for companies involved in nearly every industry imaginable.  Among my clients were companies involved in OTC medications (Novartis); personal healthcare (Trojan brands); food (Bruegger's Bagels); technology (TI); mobile devices (Samsung) and numerous others.  I understand how to research and write copy that explains complex concepts for B2B clients and more simple ones for consumer brands.

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