First, A Word About My Passion

After a long career that has waxed and waned through the mutation of journalism and public relations into social media, I've decided to stop managing, coordinating, cajoling, and handling clients, employees, the media, and the occasional boss to focus on what has always been my core competency.


The ability to shape perceptions, to educate, to sell ideas, products and services by cobbling together words/headlines/sentences/ paragraphs/stories is what really has lighted my fire all these years.

From my first by-line at my first newspaper job, when I pounded out (literally) a late breaking crime story on deadline, to a multi-page

website where I introduced a new technology for business communications, it’s been all about wordsmithing.

Despite emojis and memes, social media is wordsmithing to, but practiced at an accelerated pace, with an economy of words, and MUCH LOUDER voice, as if speed and shock were the arbiters of truth (or truthiness).

So, if you’re looking for a writer who can write long form or short form and can even come up with posts that are noticed, read, and shared, I’m your person.

My biography and resume are below. Please contact me for more information

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Now, For My Biography

I have extensive experience in designing and managing integrated communications programs for a variety of organizations—from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies--in a variety of industries including food, healthcare, pharmaceutical, personal care products, travel and tourism, telecom and energy.

I am the co-founder of Eat Green LLC, a consulting firm that focused on helping entrepreneurs involved in the local food system in North Texas connect with the kinds of consumers who appreciate the value of locally raised or made food.

Eat Green is also the publisher of, the leading online source for news and information on local, sustainable food in North Texas.

I began my career as a newspaper reporter for the Pittsburgh Press. Following a tour in the Army, I served in various positions at Rockwell International's corporate offices for 13 years.

I have served as general manager, CEO or owner of several public relations entities — the Pittsburgh office of Burson-Marsteller, Publicis Public Relations (formerly Bloom Public Relations) in Dallas and Cummings McGlone & Associates.

Before founding Cummings & Company and Eat Green in 2007, I served as Chief Operating Officer for Michael A. Burns & Associates, one of the largest independent agencies in Dallas. I joined the agency in 2001 when it acquired Cummings McGlone & Associates.

More recently I have served as the Chief Marketing Officer for Omega TeleServe, a telecommunications consultancy.

I am a past chairman and former member of the board of directors of the Worldcom Public Relations Group and the American Heart Association Dallas Division. I holds a B.A. in Journalism from Duquesne University.

I am also the author of two cookbooks self published through, "You Said A Mouthful: Great Stories and the Recipes They Evoke" and "Get This Cookbook First: It's Full of Stuff Mom Should Have Told You." The first has the best (and most complicated) recipes.

P.S.  I can sell you a copy of "You Said a Mouthful" for a lot less than it's listed for on Amazon.